Who We Are

We started over 10 years ago as the Florida Weimaraner Rescue and in 2008 we expanded to rescue all dogs.  Since then, we have been saving the lives of innocent dogs and puppies - over 19,000 to date.  We are committed to rescuing, nurturing and adopting dogs - both big and small into loving homes.  We pride ourselves on:  
  • Being the largest no-kill dog rescue in the Southeastern U.S.;
  • Giving the gift of life to as many dogs as humanely possible;
  • Enriching the lives of those who adopt dogs with the goal of helping to create a better world;
  • Being a leader in the national animal welfare movement where we rescue and adopt dogs into loving homes;
  • Innovative dog rescue practices;
  • Having a strong voice, through educational and advocacy programs.

Our Story

How We Help

Every day we rescue dogs from overcrowded, no-kill shelters, unwanted litters, strays, and from owners no longer able to care for them.

Increase Adoptions

Our goal is to increase adoptions and raise awareness of shelter animals through innovative programs, education and partnerships.  We do this with our no-kill policy and large network of foster parents.

We Rescue Dogs

Our hands-on rescue efforts secure permanent loving homes for thousands of dogs (big and small) and puppies each year.

Enrich the Lives of Families

We work tirelessly to place dogs in loving homes thereby enriching the lives of adoptive families, foster families or individuals who volunteer.