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At Big Dog Ranch Rescue, we save dogs both big and small. Our 33-acre Ranch serves as a happy, safe harbor for our furry friends until they find their fur-ever homes! Saving lives is the heart of everything we do. With your support, we have expanded into a new location in order to provide proper medical care by full-time staff, dedicated play yards where the dogs can roam, swim and play, and offer climate-controlled bunk rooms where the dogs can relax after a long day of romping around the Ranch.

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If you ever wonder what your love, support and donations do to make a difference - watch this video. YOU make it possible for all the dogs that come through Big Dog Ranch Rescue's doors to get the critical medical attention, food, shelter and love they need.

Seeing them romp, run and play so comfortably in our beautiful, outdoor space is a wonderful testament to this safe haven called Big Dog Ranch Rescue. No matter how big or small - we appreciate all that you do to help us save more lives!