Meet our Mascots!

Each year at Winter Bark Bash, mascots are selected to represent Big Dog Ranch Rescue for the year.

2018 Mascot


2017 Mascot


2016 Mascots

Leo & Cooper

2015 Mascot


Happy was rescued by Big Dog Ranch Rescue on what was intended to be the very last day of her life. She was in a small, rural, high-kill shelter and nobody wanted her. Her time was up. Nobody came for this absolutely beautiful, young girl. Big Dog Ranch Rescue came for her. We saved her and brought her to the safety of the Ranch.

Today Happy is loved and cherished by so many and we are so proud to have her as our Ambassador and Mascot. Why the name Happy you may wonder? Well, she makes her new family and especially her new Mom so Happy that it was just the perfect name for her!

We'd like to give a special thanks to Rachel at Rachel Wallace Photography for taking such great photos of our mascots each and every year.

2014 Mascots

Vail and Vegas  


2013 Mascots


Sookie was surrendered to a high kill shelter, not once but twice because of her mischievous and hyper personality.  Owner surrenders are the first to be euthanized. On the day Sookie was scheduled to die, Big Dog Ranch Rescue saved her life.

I saw her photo on the website and instantly fell in love.  One day while volunteering at the ranch, I decided to find her.  While majority of the other dogs were barking and jumping in their kennels to get attention, Sookie sat patiently and gave paw.  Once outside, Sookie acted as though I didn't exist.  We did not instantly click, she seemed to like everyone but me.  The next day a tropical storm was headed our way.  The ranch sent out a plea for people to foster a dog during the storm.  I decided to bring home the beautiful dog who had ignored me.  My son and Sookie instantly bonded. Upon realizing she was a perfect fit for our family, we adopted her.  

After much training and consistency, Sookie blossomed.  Possessing a special gift towards children, she is now a therapy dog. Sookie regularly visits schools to help educate children about the importance of rescue.

- Ashley Hensarling


Teddy Scalia Glassman’s (“TSG”) exact birthdate may be unknown, but his life story is proof, that even in these troubled times, the American Dream is still possible to achieve. Teddy lived the early part of his life on the dangerous streets of East Gainesville, Florida. He had to live in quite possibly the most inhospitable climate around with temperatures falling below freezing in the winter and raising over 100 degrees in the summer. TSG would scavenge for food and often go hungry explaining his being significantly underweight.

In early 2008, Teddy was rescued by a rescue group in Gainesville. Little did he know, but this would be the first step in his life taking a major turn for the better. For months Teddy went to Petsmart on Archer Road each weekend with the hope of finding someone to love him forever. With each passing weekend without any such luck, TSG would not allow himself to be discouraged.

Late April 2008, Teddy’s life changed when I spotted Teddy in Petsmart on an adopt a dog day.

Teddy knew there was different about me and let out a bark to draw his attention, and as he noticed Teddy for the first time.  Sitting in his crate with his trademarked one ear up, one ear down look, I knew immediately that there was something special about this dog. It turns out we were both right. After recognizing the additional stuff that would have to be discarded to fit Teddy in the car for the trip home from Gainesville, I finalized the adoption of Teddy, got him a bath and we headed home…to his forever home.

Teddy is accepting of the time and money we contribute to help wonderful dogs at Big Dog Ranch, and he wants all the dogs at Big Dog Ranch Rescue to know that living his dream life is attainable for all them too!

- Danny Glassman