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Zoey (formerly Cianni)

Our adoption of Cianni (now Zoey) was perfect!  Tracey was so patient working with us and showing us dogs we were interested in.  We just did not find the right one until Selbi asked us to look at Cianni.  What a love she is!!!  She is truly the most lovable & delightful dog.  Here's a picture of

Scout The Alzheimer's Therapy Dog!

It has been quite awhile since my last email with information on Scout.  We adopted him last January from your shelter, and he has grown into such an amazing bug fur baby!  He has become a therapy dog for Alzheimer's patients and enjoys going to work with me daily as their "community pet"! Below you

The Glades Dogs Need Our Help

The Everglades have become a notorious dumping ground for dogs and puppies. These poor, helpless animals are literally thrown from cars and spend their days dodging trucks aiming to hit them for sport, hiding from the blazing Florida heat, and hunting small, disease-ridden animals just to survive.


We had a wonderful experience adopting from BDRR!!!!  We would and will recommend you all. Darla has been, and continues to be, the perfect addition to our family!!!!  We are so grateful for her!!!!  Thank you for all you all do!!!!  - Shelly

Jesse (formerly Brantley) and Mr. White (formerly Colt)

I wanted to share some pictures of Jesse (fka Brantley) and Mr. White (fka Colt) with you all.  The first picture was taken the day after we brought them home and the second picture was taken about 2 weeks ago to show how big Jesse's getting.  The third picture, taken 9/5/15, is of them on the go at

6 Sponsored Seniors You Need This (Adopt a Shelter Dog) Month

In the spirit of Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, we want to highlight a few of our gray-haired pooches. In fact, some of the most lovable dogs we have at Big Dog Ranch Rescue are seniors.  We know the love that these precious pup will bring into your life, and we've found a sponsor that agrees. This

Mary (Now Kelsey) Goes Home

Hi, I want to first thank the compassionate woman who made and donated this pretty blanket. I will say it has been a great help. Kelsey (formerly Mary) loves it and feels very comfortable sleeping on it. I went into the bedroom to watch tv and see if I could get Mary (new name Kelsey) to rest. She

Cece (formerly Cherry)

Dear BDRR, On the eve of her 1 year anniversary with us I wanted to provide a little update on our beloved Cece (formerly Cherry)... She is an incredibly sweet and calm "mama dog"! She is loud and as we say "yells" at us anytime she wants something--usually her morning walk, but she is very

Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe and Sound

When a dog is a member of your family, you’ll do whatever it takes to keep them safe from harm. As a pet parent, you know that preventing an accident is just as important as knowing how to properly react to one. That’s why you do your due diligence, such as taking your dog for annual checkups with