Happy Tails


Tesla (Formerly Kasinda)

It has been two months since my husband Diego and I adopted Tesla (formerly Kasinda) and we could have not been more delighted. In case you wonder, my husband - an electrical engineer - picked the new name to honor Nikola Tesla, the famous scientist who was also an electrical engineer.     I

Mia Goes Home

Our darling Mia no longer cowers in the corner, trapped by a past of abuse and neglect. In the video below, she warmly accepts the tender touch of her new owner, Kelly, who has nothing but the best intentions for her inspiring, four-legged family member. . For those who do not know Mia's


Thank you and your wonderful staff, especially Bridget, who professionally and kindly gave me the opportunity to adopt Chadwick- now known as Chazzee! We are so happy together and he has brought me and my sister so much happiness! He gets along well with our 2 cats and we are working on his slight


Gunny (aka Gunner) is here to wish all the dogs and puppies of the world Happy 2015! Big Dog Ranch Rescue saved him from the horrors of Craigslist and made sure he made his way to the very best home possible. Guess what? He has the best home possible with a family who so loves and cherishes

Scruffy and Coco Puff

Their forever home together! Scruffy and Coco Puff got their wish and got adopted together. We are so grateful to their new parents who knew these two bonded buddies needed to continue their journey with each other. They are now in their loving forever home! 01/15/15


Annabelle Little Annabella made it through her surgery just fine. The hole in her diaphragm was huge and Dr Latimer did his surgical miracle to fix it. She is healing and went to her forever home Thanksgiving Day to be spoiled rotten through her recovery. We Thank You all who donated for her


Sometimes in dog rescue, it is very hard to describe to people why you do what you do day in and day out. Sacrificing family time. Sacrificing financially. Emotions sometimes so raw, the tears just flow . . . often feeling like all you’ve done just isn’t good enough. There’s always, always more to