Happy Tails


All Great Reasons We Say, "Adopt. Don't Shop."

Happy Tails

Recently we had a foster family decide that they couldn't live without her (Holly) and she was adopted! We have many more happy stories here and we love all our these Happy Tails.  Looking for the perfect fit for your family? Check out our up-to-date friends searching for their furever

Happy Tails - Bonded Pairs, Puppies and More!

Looking for the perfect fit for your family? Check out our up-to-date friends searching for their furever home here!     (function(d, s, id){var js; if (d.getElementById(id)) {return;} js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src = "https://embedsocial.com/embedscript/ei.js";

Happy Tails - 5 Puppies Saved from Under a Trailer and More Find Homes

We were able to get lots of dogs adopted recently and into their furever home! When you chose to adopt, you save TWO lives. The life of the dog you commit to and the dog that takes its place. Please don't shop. Adopt.     (function(d, s, id){var js; if (d.getElementById(id)) {return;} js =

Happy Tails - Two Pups Reunited with Former Owners

Here are the happy faces and wagging tails of some of our recent adoptions. And while every dog's adoption day is special, two in this group are SUPER special. Both Harley the Weim and Pancho the Chihuahua (first two photos) have been reunited with former owners after several months of being apart.

Maxx (formerly Buddy)

Maxx (formerly Buddy) checks in from his furever home. Here's what Terry and Susan have to say about their happy furbaby: "I would like for you to see our Maxx , 14 months since his adoption. When we adopted him he only weighted 66 or so pounds and he was very demure. Since we brought him

Macy (formerly Mimi)

Mimi - now Macy - is a fabulous little love bug. I adore her and fell madly in love with her instantly. She was one of the 5 little chihuahuas that were owner surrendered in early Fall.  She is pure joy and cute as a button. I am President of The Little Blue Dog, Inc. a nonprofit focused on humane


We fell in love with Bobby from the moment we met him.  His smile and his fun personality.  We prayed for the right dog and we got him.  Bobby is awesome.  We didn't even change his name, as it fit him so well.  He has only been with us for less than three months, but it feels like he has been here

Zoey (formerly Cianni)

Our adoption of Cianni (now Zoey) was perfect!  Tracey was so patient working with us and showing us dogs we were interested in.  We just did not find the right one until Selbi asked us to look at Cianni.  What a love she is!!!  She is truly the most lovable & delightful dog.  Here's a picture of

Scout The Alzheimer's Therapy Dog!

It has been quite awhile since my last email with information on Scout.  We adopted him last January from your shelter, and he has grown into such an amazing bug fur baby!  He has become a therapy dog for Alzheimer's patients and enjoys going to work with me daily as their "community pet"! Below you