Friends Walk Together!


In Honor of National Walk-Your-Dog Week…


Friends Walk Together!


Dogs, like children, need stimulation or they tend to get bored.  And bored dogs, like

bored children, tend to get into trouble more often.  An excellent and simple method

of providing stimulation to your dog is by walking together. Dogs love to be taken for a

walk or a run, whether it’s around your neighborhood, along the beach or to your local

dog-friendly coffee shop.  They get to look at a different environment, smell new

scents and interact with strangers and other dogs. This social interaction is very

important for the overall well-being of your dog and is something that should be part

of your regular routine.


Any time spent with your dog is great

for building a long and happy relationship.

While many people can’t spend a lot of time with their dogs during the day because of 
work or other commitments, a great way to end a long day away from home is to grab 
that leash and take your dog for a walk.  You and your dog will both look forward to the
exercise and bonding time.  Time spent together walking will help insure that your dog 
stays healthy and well-adjusted.  It also will nurture the all-important connection 
between you.  This type of quality time with your dog will reap the added reward of a 
more obedient dog that is more anxious to please you than to misbehave.

One of the most common problems people have with their dogs is pulling on the leash. 
Sometimes this is nothing more than excitement on the dog’s part. In that case, allowing 
the dog a few minutes to simmer down before starting walk can help. There also are a 
variety of halters and harnesses that you can use to control the pulling. That way 
both of you can fully enjoy your walk experience!


A happy dog is a healthier dog that will tend to live longer

and give you more years of unconditional love.

If you are looking for a best friend and walking companion, call our Ranch at 
561-791-6465 and meet some of our dogs.  We have fast walkers, runners, and pups 
that like to take it slow, so whatever your style, we can help you find your match. 
Our adoptions team can help you become the hero to one of our rescue dogs…

Every hero, needs a sidekick.

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