The Glades Dogs Need Our Help

The Everglades have become a notorious dumping ground for dogs and puppies. These poor, helpless animals are literally thrown from cars and spend their days dodging trucks aiming to hit them for sport, hiding from the blazing Florida heat, and hunting small, disease-ridden animals just to survive. They have no protection or salvation. They are afraid and alone. They need a lifeline.

This weekend Big Dog Ranch Rescue went down to the Glades with the Cold Noses Foundation and Pegasus Foundation for a unique rescue. Everglades Angels Dog Rescue coordinated our entire rescue and helped us find dogs who needed to be saved. They are one of the groups who goes out into the fields, and pits, and marsh EVERY DAY to feed these lonely dogs. Cold Noses and Pegasus filmed our journey and plan on using that video as a way to bring light to a subject that has been in the dark for too long: suffering dogs in the Glades.

Now onto the most important part...the lives we saved. 3 ever-deserving and tender dogs were saved this past weekend, and they've never been happier to experience the touch of humans and the comfort of protection. Just look at the smile on our giant Fila's face. His name is now Crusher, but Ashley, one of our board members, calls him "Boyfriend" because well, it was love at first sight for her and this big lug. He is only 8 months old, and is 110 lbs of pure love.

Little Marco, the rat terrier below, was seen roaming the streets for days before we rescued him. This poor 4-5-year-old pup is positive for anaplasmosis and ehrlichia, two tick-borne diseases. We will give him the care he needs and find him the furever home he deserves.

Sophie is a terrier mix we found wandering near a gas station. She is a 3-year-old sweetheart who needs a home of her own and someone to show her what unconditional love really means. With a cute face like hers, we're sure she'll find a family in no time.

These three are the lucky ones. There are MANY dogs that need your help and are fighting every day to survive. They come in all shapes and sizes but they just want one thing: to be loved and to love in return. That's why the Cold Noses Foundation and the Pegasus Foundation are generously sponsoring our upcoming Yogathon on January 24th. They want to help us rescue more dogs from the Glades and most importantly, get the community aware and behind the support of these helpless dogs. 

How can you help? Register for our Yogathon event on January 24th and raise just $100 for these dogs. You will earn your mat and so much more as we spend the day united with our community spreading the word about these dogs in need. 

Click here to register for the event, and to find out even more information about the situation in the Glades. 

Please share this event with fellow dog and yoga lovers as we try to make this event as amazing and widespread as possible. Let's be the voice for those dogs who cannot speak out for themselves. And most importantly, let's save them all.

Rescue on . . . share this post. Your click to share could be the one to save a life!

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