Rescue in the Glades

Two weeks ago you'll remember that Big Dog Ranch Rescue saved the lives of nine dogs and pups who had been abandoned in the Redlands/Homestead area of Florida. For those of you unfamiliar with this area, sadly this is where many dogs are just dumped. Many are not spayed or neutered and reproduce more and more pups. The whole situation is dire and out of control. Many of these dogs were once a family pet. They have no idea how to survive on their own.

There's a passionate, dedicated group of folks who come from far and wide to feed these sad, hopeless and homeless dogs on a regular basis. We are humbled and we are in awe of them. While we don't know all of their names, we do know each and every one of them have hearts of gold. Without them, many dogs would have lost their lives to the elements and predators in the rural area in which these dogs struggle to survive. We thank you for all you do. What you do matters! Lots of these people have full-time jobs yet still find the time to help these dogs. Amazing and powerful work.

Big Dog Ranch Rescue played a role in saving the lives of 19 dogs last weekend. In pouring rain, blazing heat, and prickly bush after prickly bush, these 19 dogs were brought to the safety of the Ranch where they will have a comfy bed, be vetted, have a full belly, and no longer have to worry about their safety. One bulldog, Sassy (below), hid under a tree for three weeks shaking in fear. It took the skill of John and Kay from BDRR to coax and cajole this dog to safety. She's a sweetheart and possibly pregnant. She will suffer no longer.

Squish here is suffering with severe skin issues, likely a result of the conditions in the swampy area where she was found.

Here are a few of the puppies we found living under a house. Yes, we said UNDER a house. 

It's difficult to express in words what it means to help rescue these 19 dogs and pups. Some are just babies born or left out there to fend for themselves. Our hearts are full for those we saved but there are lots more dogs out there. We hope we will be in a position to help even more of these dogs in the future. It was certainly a long and exhausting day when the BDRR van pulled into the Ranch late that night.

Many of you have asked how you can help. There's lots you can do. This is happening right here in many rural areas of Florida. Help by donating food to the groups who feed these dogs. Volunteer at your local rescue or shelter. Educate about the importance of responsible pet ownership and spay/neuter. Donate. It takes funds to care for 19 dogs. Lots of funds. Adopt! When you adopt, you make room for us to save the life of another dog. Get involved . . . you can make a difference!

Please help us get these 19 dogs vetted by donating here:

It was an amazing rescue day. Much thanks to all the Rescuers who helped. These 19 dogs really thank you from the bottom of their grateful (and safe) hearts!

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